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More Free-ish Money!

Staples is giving away free (with rebate) money this week (5/21/17-5/27/17). This deal provides a $20 rebate (in the form of a $20 Visa Gift Card) on specific Visa Gift Card purchases of $300 and over. These rebates are offered with some regularity and they vary in value and form. This week’s rebate is in the form of a $20 Visa Gift Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. The rebates are sometimes Staples Gift Cards. Staples Gift Cards offer much less flexibility as they can only be used at Staples. The offered rebate values seem to vary from $15-$20 and this week’s offer provides $20. This is a good week to buy!

Steps to use the offer

  • By 5/21/17, purchase $300 (in one transaction) or more of Visa Gift cards at your local Staples
    • Fees vary depending on the specific cards you purchase.
    • I’ve heard that these cards often sell out during the promotion. This has never been my experience at my local Staples. However, it’s best to shop early. This offer starts Sunday, May 21 and runs through Saturday, May 27
    • The $300 spend requirement means you typically need to purchase two separate gift cards (in a single transaction) to take advantage of the offer. The highest denomination Visa Gift Card I’ve seen for sale at my local Staples is a $200 card. I typically buy 2 x $200 cards
    • The following Staples Visa Gift Card SKU’s qualify for this rebate
      • 763604
      • 763602
      • 374172
      • 886291
      • 374177
  • Ideally, pay with a credit card that is offering an office supply bonus
    • I always provide my Photo ID along with the credit card I’ll be using to speed up the process
  • Use the purchased Visa Gift Cards and the $20 Rebate Visa Gift Card as you would use a credit card or covert them to a money order using techniques discussed elsewhere.
  • Make $6 (depends on the fees for the cards you purchase) plus whatever benefits are provided by your credit card spend

Options to maximize the offer and why you may care beyond $6 in your pocket

  • Maximize the spend with a credit card offering an office supply bonus category
    • Examples:
    • Chase INK Plus Business – 5% in Ultimate Rewards points for office supply store purchases
      • Buy 2 x $200 gift cards for $413.90 = $6.10 return
      • Earn 5% on $413.90 purchase = $20.69 return (assuming minimum 1 cent per Ultimate Rewards point)
        • Some value Ultimate Reward (UR) points at 2.1 cents per point making the UR points = up to $43.44
      • Total = $26.79 return (assuming 1 Cent per UR point)
    • Chase INK Cash Business – 5% in cash for office supply store purchases
      • Buy 2 x $200 gift cards for $413.90 = $6.10 return
      • Earn 5% on $413.90 purchase = $20.69 return
      • Total = $26.79 return
    • American Express SimplyCash Business Card – 5% in cash back for office supply store purchases
      • Buy 2 x $200 gift cards for $413.90 = $6.10 return
      • Earn 5% on $413.90 purchase = $20.69 return
      • Total = $26.79 return
  • Meet minimum spend requirements on a new credit card application
    • One of the best ways to earn travel reward points is through credit card sign-up bonuses. These bonuses almost always require a minimum amount of spending within a limited timeframe in order to qualify for the bonus. (e.g. Spend $3,000 in 90 days and earn 50,000 points). If you are NOT spending on credit cards at a rate that allows you to meet the minimum spending requirement, buying these gift cards potentially allows you to “pull-forward” your spending to meet your minimum spend requirements.
  • Take your $6, and don’t worry about the credit card bonuses
    • Buy 2 x $200 gift cards ($6.95 fee paid for each card) for $413.90 = $6.10 return


Things to remember

  • You can only claim one rebate per name/address/household.
  • The offer expires 5/27/2017
  • Gift Card purchases do not count towards Staples Rewards
  • The cash back for this offer is a rebate in the form of a $20 Visa Gift Card.
  • You must complete the rebate submission within 60 days of your purchase
    • Do the submission immediately after the purchase
  • The fastest and easiest way to submit the rebate is via Staples Easy Rebates website
    • (It really is easy!)
      • No worries about submission being lost in the mail
      • No stamp required
      • Instant rebate tracking
  • Expect a 6-week wait for your rebate Visa Gift Card to arrive